How to use Evernote

I like taking notes. Do you too? Then you will love Evernote.

I use Evernote everyday to save my random thoughts, to do lists, training & seminar notes, trading journal, draft blogs, passwords etc. I also save articles and photos I clipped off from the Internet.  With the Evernote Clipper it is easy to clip and save Internet contents to your note for future references.

I also get to tag everything, using words like “affirmations”, “business”, “budget”, “blogs”, “things to do” and “dreams” as categories. It makes me feel at ease that I can store everything in just one searchable place. With Evernote, I remember everything. Well, not really everything, but only those things I remember to put in Evernote.

Here is a tutorial on how to use Evernote. Hope you find it useful like I did.


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