How to Use oDesk Team Application

To be oDesk ready, you need to learn the oDesk Team Application. This in-house application of oDesk was designed so that employers and contractors can connect and collaborate online.

How to Use oDesk Team Application

By lumaxart

Having oDesk Team application is like having a virtual office where all team members can chat and work together on a project at hand. Employers can monitor and manage their ongoing projects online. Contractors can also log into the oDesk Team Application and have record of their work, thus ensuring payment for every hours work.

So, before taking the oDesk readiness test, make sure to install and learn the oDesk Team Application. When you pass this exam, your job application quota at oDesk will increase from 3 to 20 per week. Just follow this step by step tutorial on how to install and use oDesk Team Application.


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