How to Use Spybot Search & Destroy

Today’s tutorial is about Spybot Search & Destroy. It is my first time to use this program. And true to its name, it already identified 40 spywares in my computer.

40 spyware!!! Yikes!

So that is why my Google Chrome has gotten really slow. It looks like it’s doing a lot of things at the back end before it shows me the web pages I searched.

Spyware are malicious files and programs installed on your computer without your consent. They are also called adware, greyware, and malware. Like a true spy, they are hidden and can be difficult to detect.  Often than not, you don’t know that you already have a spyware in your computer.

Once inside your computer, spyware can collect information about you. Specifically, spyware can record and send your personal information passwords, keystrokes, mouse clicks or any other web browsing activities to other computers. Sometimes they send you pop-up windows, spam e-mails and unwanted web pages.

Spybot Search & Destroy

By Marcelo Alves

Spybot S&D is an online program that can find, discover and eliminate spyware and adware. It is free and useful; something you should not be without.

Find below my tutorial on how to use Spybot S&D.

Good riddance, Spyware!  Thanks to Spybot S&D.


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