How to Create a Gmail Account

In this tutorial, we are going back to basics on how to create an e-mail account. In these times, you got to have an e-mail to get information on an online product, apply for a job or simply get in touch with your friends. It is how we simply communicate in today’s world.

How to Create and Use your own Gmail Account

By rovlls

For me, I prefer to have a Gmail account. It is the most popular and practical e-mail to have. Gmail is free of use. Secondly, Gmail is so easy to create and use.  Just follow my step by step tutorial on how to create and use a Gmail account.

When you have a Gmail, you can also  avail of the other services Google is offering. And Google is offering a lot of free and useful value added services. I have featured some of these Google services, like Google Calendar, Google Docs and Gmail Phone Call, in my tutorial series here in my blog. Just have a look at my tutorial page. I will be featuring Google’s other services in my future blog posts so keep on coming back.

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