How to use Pinterest

Pinterest is a relatively new and popular social networking site. It is a basically a photo sharing site which allows you to pin photos to your wall and share them to other Pinterest users.  So you might be surfing the web and you find a particular photo or video and store them into a board. The pinned image links back to the site from where you found the image. So, what you are doing basically is bookmarking that image to your Pinterest wall or board and sharing the image forward to others. The boards here are categories you set for yourself based on your interests.

How to use Pinterest

By ShardsOfBlue

So if you are motivated in the Art, Fashion, Do-It-Yourself Crafts, Photography, Travel, and so forth, you can use Pinterest to create visual boards that you can use as inspiration for your work or projects.  Pinterest also allows you to pin videos.  I have tried it by pinning some favorite music videos I regularly listen to in Youtube.

Pinterest relies heavily on photo sharing. If you like collecting and sharing photos based on your personal interests or business, Pinterest is for you. In an internet marketer standpoint, you can use Pinterest to market your product. With Pinterest, you can drive more traffic to your site. Pinterest is also heavily linked with Twitter and Facebook.  You can share your pins and boards to these networking sites.

To join Pinterest, you need an invite. You can go to to request for an invite. Usually, Pinterest will respond to you and give you your invite within a week. Another way to get an invite is through your friends who already have a Pinterest account. I requested an invite from a Facebook friend and I got the invite in just 3 days.

Check out my tutorial on How to use Pinterest. It includes instructions on how to get invited in Pinterest, how to set-up an account, and basic functions of Pinterest. Also follow me on Pinterest at See you there!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I super love Pinterest! I agree with Sir Jomar: everything pretty is in Pinterest!


  2. hi Ann, what is your pinterest account? like to follow you.


  3. Thanks for giving us the 411 on pinterest. There are so many things about Pinterest that aren’t apparent on the surface 🙂


  4. great tool – love it !


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