How to Use Empire Avenue

Do you want to increase traffic to your website, blog or social media stream? Then consider playing Empire Avenue. It is a social network game that allows users to expand, engage and evaluate their social networks in a fast an effective way.

Buy me at Empire Avenue

Buy me at Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is based on game theory wherein real work is played like a game.  Empire Avenue based its system like a stock market. Every user at Empire Avenue is a stock. When you sign up, the first thing you’re going to do is to create a ticker for your user account. With that ticker, you will be assigned a stock price. Your stock price starts at 10 eaves. Eaves are the virtual currency of the Empire Avenue community. Just like the stock market, as more people buy your stock, your stock price goes up.

You can earn eaves when other users buy your stock. The number of eaves a person buys from you; you earn 50% of it. When they buy your stock, they become your stockholder. You can also earn eaves when you buy stocks at a lower price then sell your stock position when the price goes up.

Another way to earn is through dividends. When you sign up to Empire Avenue, you will connect all your social media accounts to your account.  You can connect your Google+, Youtube, Facebook account, Facebook pages, twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Flicker, Instagram and so forth. Like the normal stock market, your stockholder also earns dividends based on your productivity. People who own your stock receives dividends based on how much activity you have on all the networks that you have.  So if you do a lot of tweeting, Facebook posting, blogging, etc. throughout the day, your dividend will go up. So an Empire Avenue user earns some eaves from you simply by owning your stocks.

Finally, you can earn more eaves when you engage in missions.  Missions are paid using eaves. A mission can have a reward as low as 500 eaves and up to 50,000 eaves.  Through missions, an Empire Avenue user can ask other users to visit their websites or social network sites and render social media interaction. For instance, a user can ask other users to view their recent YouTube video and give a like (or dislike), share it to their social network or make a comment on the video. They can even require them to subscribe to his YouTube Channel. And all this, they will do in exchange for some eaves.

You can also create these missions yourself after a few days or weeks of playing. I didn’t have my create missions button the first few days after I created my account. It only appeared after a few weeks when my stock price hit 50 eaves.

What makes Empire Avenue an effective tool for Internet marketing is that it gives you the ability to create missions.  You can ask other users to go to your websites or social media account platforms and do some interactions. The power of Empire Avenue is that it can help you direct hundreds of real live honest to God human beings (real live users and players) to your websites and online media so that they can give social media interactions.

Here is a tutorial I made on how use Empire Avenue. It covers how to create an account using your own Facebook account. In addition, you would also see some basic functions, one of which is on creating missions.

Don’t think that this is a game. Look at what it can give you. You are here for the potential traffic it can give your network or website; and the future revenue it can bring. So if this is what you want, then you only need to do is create missions within Empire Avenue.

Not yet in Empire Avenue? Click here.


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  1. Well done, nice and simple


  2. Thank you for this. Empire Avenue has been good to me in respect to my social presence. It’s not everything, as you are the one who needs to create content. Or if you can’t create, at least curate. I recommend it to anyone who wants to inject a little extra umph into their social media strategy.


  3. Thank You! Really good post!


  4. Posted by Jean on May 29, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Helpful information…..


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  6. A helpful overview for beginners. Good stuff!


  7. Posted by Nicolas on May 30, 2012 at 11:17 am

    Thanks for the basic summary.


  8. Guys thanks for the love (likes, shares and comments)!


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