Hello and welcome to my Virtual Assistant Blog! I am Kenneth I. You can call me Kenneth or Ken for short.

Past work experience honed me as researcherwriter, project manager,  Internet enthusiasts and an all around guy. I have recently gained interest in businesstrading and investing, and on-line marketing. I am a student by heart. I like to learn new things and new ways to earn a living and achieving my financial peace and freedom. Why not earn from the things you love to do?

My interest in all things that is the Internet brought me to the world of virtual assistants and on-line marketing. I am a member of Jomar Hilario‘s Virtual Assistant Group and On-line Mentoring Club for Internet Marketers. I would like to personally thank Jomar for his expertise and a generous heart in sharing and mentoring Filipinos forward into the Networked Society.

Other interests include fitness. Everybody needs a good working body. I am fond of writing haikus and micro poetry whenever inspiration comes in. I also love playing word games; particularly scrabble where I play every night together with my family. I love to travel whenever there is an opportunity. I love to go to beautiful places before you hit the… well, you know what I mean.

I am an empty cup!

Teach me what you know so I can teach others through this blog. Every day is an opportunity to learn and earn.

Regards and God Bless!

I need a gig, e-mail me.


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