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Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

This infographic is very informative. It holds every size of images on your favorite social media platform. Now you don’t have to remember or Google search for it. Just remember that it changes a lot. That is how social media is. So it won’t hurt to be always on your toes.

For more awesome infographics and tips on social media, view my virtual assistant board at Pinterest.

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How to Use Empire Avenue

Do you want to increase traffic to your website, blog or social media stream? Then consider playing Empire Avenue. It is a social network game that allows users to expand, engage and evaluate their social networks in a fast an effective way.

Buy me at Empire Avenue

Buy me at Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is based on game theory wherein real work is played like a game.  Empire Avenue based its system like a stock market. Every user at Empire Avenue is a stock. When you sign up, the first thing you’re going to do is to create a ticker for your user account. With that ticker, you will be assigned a stock price. Your stock price starts at 10 eaves. Eaves are the virtual currency of the Empire Avenue community. Just like the stock market, as more people buy your stock, your stock price goes up.

You can earn eaves when other users buy your stock. The number of eaves a person buys from you; you earn 50% of it. When they buy your stock, they become your stockholder. You can also earn eaves when you buy stocks at a lower price then sell your stock position when the price goes up.

Another way to earn is through dividends. When you sign up to Empire Avenue, you will connect all your social media accounts to your account.  You can connect your Google+, Youtube, Facebook account, Facebook pages, twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Flicker, Instagram and so forth. Like the normal stock market, your stockholder also earns dividends based on your productivity. People who own your stock receives dividends based on how much activity you have on all the networks that you have.  So if you do a lot of tweeting, Facebook posting, blogging, etc. throughout the day, your dividend will go up. So an Empire Avenue user earns some eaves from you simply by owning your stocks.

Finally, you can earn more eaves when you engage in missions.  Missions are paid using eaves. A mission can have a reward as low as 500 eaves and up to 50,000 eaves.  Through missions, an Empire Avenue user can ask other users to visit their websites or social network sites and render social media interaction. For instance, a user can ask other users to view their recent YouTube video and give a like (or dislike), share it to their social network or make a comment on the video. They can even require them to subscribe to his YouTube Channel. And all this, they will do in exchange for some eaves.

You can also create these missions yourself after a few days or weeks of playing. I didn’t have my create missions button the first few days after I created my account. It only appeared after a few weeks when my stock price hit 50 eaves.

What makes Empire Avenue an effective tool for Internet marketing is that it gives you the ability to create missions.  You can ask other users to go to your websites or social media account platforms and do some interactions. The power of Empire Avenue is that it can help you direct hundreds of real live honest to God human beings (real live users and players) to your websites and online media so that they can give social media interactions.

Here is a tutorial I made on how use Empire Avenue. It covers how to create an account using your own Facebook account. In addition, you would also see some basic functions, one of which is on creating missions.

Don’t think that this is a game. Look at what it can give you. You are here for the potential traffic it can give your network or website; and the future revenue it can bring. So if this is what you want, then you only need to do is create missions within Empire Avenue.

Not yet in Empire Avenue? Click here.

How to Google it

This infographic is worth sharing.  It is filled with tips and tricks on how to make an effective Google searches by using Google search terms or operators.

Infographic on Google Online Research Tricks

Infographic on Google Online Research Tricks via

How to Use Spybot Search & Destroy

Today’s tutorial is about Spybot Search & Destroy. It is my first time to use this program. And true to its name, it already identified 40 spywares in my computer.

40 spyware!!! Yikes!

So that is why my Google Chrome has gotten really slow. It looks like it’s doing a lot of things at the back end before it shows me the web pages I searched.

Spyware are malicious files and programs installed on your computer without your consent. They are also called adware, greyware, and malware. Like a true spy, they are hidden and can be difficult to detect.  Often than not, you don’t know that you already have a spyware in your computer.

Once inside your computer, spyware can collect information about you. Specifically, spyware can record and send your personal information passwords, keystrokes, mouse clicks or any other web browsing activities to other computers. Sometimes they send you pop-up windows, spam e-mails and unwanted web pages.

Spybot Search & Destroy

By Marcelo Alves

Spybot S&D is an online program that can find, discover and eliminate spyware and adware. It is free and useful; something you should not be without.

Find below my tutorial on how to use Spybot S&D.

Good riddance, Spyware!  Thanks to Spybot S&D.

My BrainBench Games Test Results

BrainBench Games is over. I took 9 tests and here are the results:

Skills Test



Written English 



Word Processing Fundamentals



Internet Concepts



Math Fundamentals (Metric)



Math Fundamentals



English Vocabulary



Computer Literacy (Windows 7)



Computer Fundamentals (Win 7) 



Web Design Concepts



*Score higher than ___% of all previous test takers.

Not bad, huh? I wish I could have taken more test.

Taking these timed tests has been a thrill. Usually, a question is timed 180 seconds to answer (if I recall correctly, only 40 seconds were allotted for math questions). It was pleasing when I beat the clock; on the other hand, it was infuriating when the clock beats me.

BrainBench Games

By pasukaru76

Passing score is 2.75. This means you get a certification from BrainBench. When you get a score of 4.0 and up, you are dubbed a master. Aside from this, the test results lets you know how you fare from other test takers. For instance, my score of 3.42 in the Written English is higher than the score of 75% of those who previously took the test.  The results also show your strong and weak areas in a particular test or a subject matter of a skill. Certainly, the results I got gave me some directions in terms of the subject matter I need to improve on.

Thanks and more power to BrainBench. I hope there would be more BrainBench Games in the future.

PS: Kudos to the Philippines for being in the top 10 countries in the BrainBench Games. The Philippines placed 5th and 7th in the Most Certified Citizens and the Most MASTER LEVEL Certified Nation, respectively.  See complete results here.

How to Use oDesk

If you want to be a virtual assistant, having an oDesk account is a must.

How to Use oDesk

by AlexPears

oDesk is one of the more popular online job market platform that connects remote skilled workers or contractors with employers who are hiring.  What is good about oDesk is that you can apply for job posts on oDesk for free.

Nowadays, there been a lot of employers outsourcing their business operations and projects to freelance contractors no matter where they are. All they seek are the right skills at the right price. At oDesk, you can work anywhere and anytime. You can take in any job you want, whether it is per project or a job which pays by the hour.

So, go ahead and put forth your resume online. Just open your oDesk account today and start getting gigs online. Here is an easy to follow guide for you.

Note: The oDesk account featured here in this tutorial is made only as an example. The account has been disabled since this blogpost was published.

BrainBench’s The Bench Games March 5-9, 2012

Hey guys, heard about BrainBench’s new promotion? If you haven’t, then keep on reading.  From March 5-9, 2012, BrainBench will make its entire certification test free to members.  Dubbed as The Bench Games, the event will also foster a friendly intellectual completion among nations. Champions will be chosen at a country and individual level based on test results of participating members during the promo period. For complete details on The Bench Games, click here.

The BrainBench's Bench Games


As you know, Brainbench is one of the most reliable online testing and certification websites there is in the Internet. BrainBench boast of a collection of skills tests in about 600 areas. So, if you want to build up your online resume, it would be best to be certified via BrainBench.

Guys, this is a good opportunity not to be missed. I, myself, am planning to some basic exams like Computer Fundamentals, Computer Literacy, Internet Concepts, etc.

I am hoping I get a high score and a free subscription from BrainBench. I’m crossing my fingers on this one and keeping it positive. And if you’re from the Philippines, I urge you to register and log in on the said dates and help our country win the Bench Games. Cheers!