How to Use BO.LT

How to Use BO.LT , A networking site that lets you copy and share web pages

By B Rosen

Last month, I shared with you a tutorial on how to use Pinterest.  As a quick review, Pinterest lets you pin your favorite photos on the Web and share it with others. What if, instead of a photo of the camera, you want to save a blog, an article or a product review of it. Then, it would be better for you to use BO.LT instead.

BO.LT is a web page sharing network.  It lets people copy any page in the web. With BO.LT, you can actually grab pieces of the web, put them together into one collection for you to come back and review them.

Now, after the pin, comes the bolt.

A copy of any page saved in BO.LT is called a bolt. Once you made a bolt, you can share it right away via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Buffer. You also have an option to keep your bolts private. You also get to save your bolts into your own customized collections based on your topics of interests.  With collections, it is easy to organize the bolts you’re creating. You can also share these collections to your friends and followers in BO.LT.

BO.LT is also a networking site. You can find lots of bolts from other users which you can ‘rebolt’ to your own collection. You can also do other social engagement by liking, sharing and commenting on numerous bolts submitted by other users.

I find this very useful considering I read a lot of contents on the web. I am a constant star pusher in Google Chrome. Yes, I do have a cluttered bookmarks bar that I can’t seem to organize.  And sometimes, I get even more frustrated when the page I bookmarked disappears for no apparent reason at all. And I am left wondering if I ever get to see that wonderful page again.  Now, with BO.LT, saving them permanently would solve this major bummer.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use BO.LT. It contains instructions on how to open your own account and some basic setting features which you need to know about in using BO.LT. You can also find here easy instructions on how to make a bolt.

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How to Use Empire Avenue

Do you want to increase traffic to your website, blog or social media stream? Then consider playing Empire Avenue. It is a social network game that allows users to expand, engage and evaluate their social networks in a fast an effective way.

Buy me at Empire Avenue

Buy me at Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is based on game theory wherein real work is played like a game.  Empire Avenue based its system like a stock market. Every user at Empire Avenue is a stock. When you sign up, the first thing you’re going to do is to create a ticker for your user account. With that ticker, you will be assigned a stock price. Your stock price starts at 10 eaves. Eaves are the virtual currency of the Empire Avenue community. Just like the stock market, as more people buy your stock, your stock price goes up.

You can earn eaves when other users buy your stock. The number of eaves a person buys from you; you earn 50% of it. When they buy your stock, they become your stockholder. You can also earn eaves when you buy stocks at a lower price then sell your stock position when the price goes up.

Another way to earn is through dividends. When you sign up to Empire Avenue, you will connect all your social media accounts to your account.  You can connect your Google+, Youtube, Facebook account, Facebook pages, twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Flicker, Instagram and so forth. Like the normal stock market, your stockholder also earns dividends based on your productivity. People who own your stock receives dividends based on how much activity you have on all the networks that you have.  So if you do a lot of tweeting, Facebook posting, blogging, etc. throughout the day, your dividend will go up. So an Empire Avenue user earns some eaves from you simply by owning your stocks.

Finally, you can earn more eaves when you engage in missions.  Missions are paid using eaves. A mission can have a reward as low as 500 eaves and up to 50,000 eaves.  Through missions, an Empire Avenue user can ask other users to visit their websites or social network sites and render social media interaction. For instance, a user can ask other users to view their recent YouTube video and give a like (or dislike), share it to their social network or make a comment on the video. They can even require them to subscribe to his YouTube Channel. And all this, they will do in exchange for some eaves.

You can also create these missions yourself after a few days or weeks of playing. I didn’t have my create missions button the first few days after I created my account. It only appeared after a few weeks when my stock price hit 50 eaves.

What makes Empire Avenue an effective tool for Internet marketing is that it gives you the ability to create missions.  You can ask other users to go to your websites or social media account platforms and do some interactions. The power of Empire Avenue is that it can help you direct hundreds of real live honest to God human beings (real live users and players) to your websites and online media so that they can give social media interactions.

Here is a tutorial I made on how use Empire Avenue. It covers how to create an account using your own Facebook account. In addition, you would also see some basic functions, one of which is on creating missions.

Don’t think that this is a game. Look at what it can give you. You are here for the potential traffic it can give your network or website; and the future revenue it can bring. So if this is what you want, then you only need to do is create missions within Empire Avenue.

Not yet in Empire Avenue? Click here.

How to use Pinterest

Pinterest is a relatively new and popular social networking site. It is a basically a photo sharing site which allows you to pin photos to your wall and share them to other Pinterest users.  So you might be surfing the web and you find a particular photo or video and store them into a board. The pinned image links back to the site from where you found the image. So, what you are doing basically is bookmarking that image to your Pinterest wall or board and sharing the image forward to others. The boards here are categories you set for yourself based on your interests.

How to use Pinterest

By ShardsOfBlue

So if you are motivated in the Art, Fashion, Do-It-Yourself Crafts, Photography, Travel, and so forth, you can use Pinterest to create visual boards that you can use as inspiration for your work or projects.  Pinterest also allows you to pin videos.  I have tried it by pinning some favorite music videos I regularly listen to in Youtube.

Pinterest relies heavily on photo sharing. If you like collecting and sharing photos based on your personal interests or business, Pinterest is for you. In an internet marketer standpoint, you can use Pinterest to market your product. With Pinterest, you can drive more traffic to your site. Pinterest is also heavily linked with Twitter and Facebook.  You can share your pins and boards to these networking sites.

To join Pinterest, you need an invite. You can go to to request for an invite. Usually, Pinterest will respond to you and give you your invite within a week. Another way to get an invite is through your friends who already have a Pinterest account. I requested an invite from a Facebook friend and I got the invite in just 3 days.

Check out my tutorial on How to use Pinterest. It includes instructions on how to get invited in Pinterest, how to set-up an account, and basic functions of Pinterest. Also follow me on Pinterest at See you there!

How to Create a Gmail Account

In this tutorial, we are going back to basics on how to create an e-mail account. In these times, you got to have an e-mail to get information on an online product, apply for a job or simply get in touch with your friends. It is how we simply communicate in today’s world.

How to Create and Use your own Gmail Account

By rovlls

For me, I prefer to have a Gmail account. It is the most popular and practical e-mail to have. Gmail is free of use. Secondly, Gmail is so easy to create and use.  Just follow my step by step tutorial on how to create and use a Gmail account.

When you have a Gmail, you can also  avail of the other services Google is offering. And Google is offering a lot of free and useful value added services. I have featured some of these Google services, like Google Calendar, Google Docs and Gmail Phone Call, in my tutorial series here in my blog. Just have a look at my tutorial page. I will be featuring Google’s other services in my future blog posts so keep on coming back.

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A Short Course on Adobe Photoshop and Web Graphic Design – Part 2

The second day of the short course is mostly on web design. The day started with a discussion on the 9 essential principles of effective web design. The document below summarizes the discussions made during the lecture:

An Exercise of Putting Things Together

We were asked to design a webpage for a made-up Iphone App. To set -up Photoshop for Web designing, our instructors gave us the following pointers:

  • For web designing, set the Photoshop page dimensions to Web of size 1024px by 768px.
  • Use the Photoshop’s Rulers (Ctrl+R) and Grids (Ctrl+’).
  • Set fonts and line heights. Nowadays, the standard text size of websites is 13 to 14 font size.
  • Set the color scheme of your design. A useful color scheme reference is found at

This is the design I made using Adobe Photoshop.

The design I made using Adobe Photoshop

To translate the above design into a webpage, we need to do HTML and CSS programming. The instructor gave a quick lecture on html and CSS programming. We were given sample HTML and CSS files so we can work on our own. Below are the sample programs I made to create the webpage.

Inside index.html


<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style.css”/>



<div id=”wrap”>

<div id=”column1″>

<div id=”logo”>

<img src=”images/logo.jpg” />

</div> <!– end #logo –>

<div id=”text”>


<p> Technology in the world today is changing, adapting and moving so fast that it is sometimes hard to keep up. You only need to look at how we go about sharing and acessing information to see that we truly are living digital. I see the Digital Age as various applications and technology allowing quick communication globally. This ultimate apps shapes how we gather, access, retrieve and share information.

</div> <!– END #text –>

<div id=”apps”>

<img src=”images/appstore1.png” />

</div> <!– end #apps –>

</div> <!– end #column1 –>

<div id=”column2″>

<img src=”images/iphone.png” height=”550″ width=”250″ />

</div> <!– end #column2 –>

</div> <!– end #wrap –>


List of image files under the Images subfolder

Header Image File

Header Image File (header.jpg)

The Logo

The Logo Image File (logo.jpg)

The App Store Image

The App Store Image File (appstore1.png)

The Iphone Image File

The Iphone Image File (iphone.png)

Inside style.css








repeat-x #3d7888;



margin:0 auto;

padding:180 0 0 0;




padding:0 0 0 220;





margin:0 0 50px 0;



padding:40 0 0 0;



padding:0 220 0 0;







.clearfix:after {

content: “.”;

display: block;

clear: both;

visibility: hidden;

line-height: 0;

height: 0;


.clearfix {

display: inline-block;


html[xmlns] .clearfix

display: block;


* html .clearfix {

height: 1%;


The App Page

The resulting Iphone Apps Page looks like this:

Screenshot of The App Page

Screenshot of The App Page

Lessons Learned

What I have learned from this short course is that it is possible to learn Adobe Photoshop and Web Design in a short time.  But, it was not easy to have everything in two days. That is what I wrote as my recommendation in the training’s feedback form. It would be better if the training facilitators to extend the course program three days to allow participants more time to do the exercises.

With regards to what I have learned from this training course, I need further practice to fully grasp the knowledge and the know-how in using Photoshop. I have a basic background in html programming and that help me to cope with the programming part of the exercise. Still, I need to restudy HTML and learn CSS programming.  With more practice and training, I can create well-designed websites in the future.

If you are interested in designing and developing websites, I recommend that you take this course.


Web Graphics Design Resources:

Sample websites:

Training course information:

Dates: March 26-27, 2012
Registration Fee: PhP 2,250

Instructor: Mr. Martin Cipriano,
Facilitator: Mr. Gerald David
Philippine Trade Training Center,
Tel. No: (632) 468-8962

How to Google it

This infographic is worth sharing.  It is filled with tips and tricks on how to make an effective Google searches by using Google search terms or operators.

Infographic on Google Online Research Tricks

Infographic on Google Online Research Tricks via

A Short Course on Adobe Photoshop and Web Graphic Design – Part 1

Adobe Photoshop & Web Graphic Design Training

Adobe Photoshop & Web Graphic Design Training

I am not artistically inclined, but I do sometimes dream I can create beautiful art someday.

I attended a 2 day course on web graphic design using Adobe Photoshop CS3 at the Philippine Trade Training Center, Philippines. I really do not know how to use Photoshop except use it to crop out pictures for my blog posts or powerpoint presentations. So I was excited to learn more than the usual. Another reason why I took this course is that I was interested how the Photoshop can be used in creating great looking websites.

Judging from the course program, the training is short but compact. First day of the training course is on the interface, and the tools available in Photoshop. In Adobe Photoshop, you work on layers of images. When this concept was discussed on the training, I was imagining a hamburger.

When you view a hamburger from the top, you would only see the bun, but when you view at the side, you could see all the layers of ingredients, i.e., the lettuce, the pickles, the hamburger patty, the cheese, etc. Similarly, the graphic image you create in Photoshop is made up of 2 or more layers stacked on top of one another.

Here are some important action keys and keyboard shortcuts to remember in Adobe Photoshop, I listed them here because I keep on forgetting them during the course.

Action Keys

Free Transform Ctrl+T to edit/resize objects on your layer
Merge Layers Crtl+E to merge one or more layers
Deselect Ctrl+D to deselect active object on your layer
Liquify Filter Ctrl+Shift+X to alter an objects shape on your layer
Invert Ctrl+I to invert an image or object

Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+Z  Redo/Undo
Alt+Ctrl+Z  Step Backward/Undo
Crtl++  Zoom In
Ctrl+-  Zoom Out
]  Increase Brush Size
[  Decrease Brush Size
F8  Object Information Window


As a hands-on exercise, we were asked to replicate an Iphone using Photoshop. I had a headache doing this, but I did learn a lot. Here is my humble attempt. Does it look close to the original?

My Iphone using Adobe Photoshop

Replicating an Iphone using Photoshop

A good tip I learned from the instructor is to always start a project with a clean slate by having only the toolbar and layer panel on your Photoshop screen.  When doing a design project, always breakdown the task into separates. This can be done by doing each objects or tasks in the design into separate layers. That way, your work is organize. Labeling your layers is also a good way in organizing tasks in your project.

To be continued…

Training course information:

Dates: March 26-27, 2012

Registration Fee: PhP 2,250

Instructor: Mr. Martin Cipriano (

Facilitator: Mr. Gerald David, Philippine Trade Training Center (

Tel. No: (632) 468-8962