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Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

This infographic is very informative. It holds every size of images on your favorite social media platform. Now you don’t have to remember or Google search for it. Just remember that it changes a lot. That is how social media is. So it won’t hurt to be always on your toes.

For more awesome infographics and tips on social media, view my virtual assistant board at Pinterest.

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How to Use Involver to Connect your Blog and Twitter to Facebook

How to integrate your Blog and Twitter to Facebook via Involver

By dkalo

For today’s blog post, I am going to show you how you can customize your Facebook Page via This websites offer a lot of applications which you can install to your Facebook page. There are five apps, namely, Youtube Channel, Twitter, RSS Feed, Flickr and Static HTML which you can easily install for free.   You are only allowed two free applications to install per page; otherwise, you can avail of their application suite for a fee and install as many as you want.

The tutorial below demonstrates how you can add Blog and Twitter feeds your Facebook page. In the end, you will be able to create tabs in your Facebook page which contains latest post from your blog and Twitter account. This is a simple way to keep your fans connected to your other media channels.

Do you know any other applications you can use to jazz up your Facebook page? Please share your experience via the comments section below.

How to Use BO.LT

How to Use BO.LT , A networking site that lets you copy and share web pages

By B Rosen

Last month, I shared with you a tutorial on how to use Pinterest.  As a quick review, Pinterest lets you pin your favorite photos on the Web and share it with others. What if, instead of a photo of the camera, you want to save a blog, an article or a product review of it. Then, it would be better for you to use BO.LT instead.

BO.LT is a web page sharing network.  It lets people copy any page in the web. With BO.LT, you can actually grab pieces of the web, put them together into one collection for you to come back and review them.

Now, after the pin, comes the bolt.

A copy of any page saved in BO.LT is called a bolt. Once you made a bolt, you can share it right away via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Buffer. You also have an option to keep your bolts private. You also get to save your bolts into your own customized collections based on your topics of interests.  With collections, it is easy to organize the bolts you’re creating. You can also share these collections to your friends and followers in BO.LT.

BO.LT is also a networking site. You can find lots of bolts from other users which you can ‘rebolt’ to your own collection. You can also do other social engagement by liking, sharing and commenting on numerous bolts submitted by other users.

I find this very useful considering I read a lot of contents on the web. I am a constant star pusher in Google Chrome. Yes, I do have a cluttered bookmarks bar that I can’t seem to organize.  And sometimes, I get even more frustrated when the page I bookmarked disappears for no apparent reason at all. And I am left wondering if I ever get to see that wonderful page again.  Now, with BO.LT, saving them permanently would solve this major bummer.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use BO.LT. It contains instructions on how to open your own account and some basic setting features which you need to know about in using BO.LT. You can also find here easy instructions on how to make a bolt.

Follow me at . I will follow you back and see your wonderful collections. Do you find BO.LT useful?  How?

How to Use HootSuite

I like using HootSuite in managing my Twitter account. HootSuite is a web-based social media management tool.  It is so user-friendly. With HootSuite, I get to view all my home, sent, mentions, search and list feeds quick and easy. They are all arranged neatly in columns of streams in my HootSuite dashboard.

How to Use HootSuite

Another feature I like in HootSuite is the schedule tweet option. With this option, I can send my tweets on a particular time and date I want it sent; even when I am away from my computer. You can also shrink your URLs in HootSuite, which is another useful feature to have in hand, especially when you want to tweet websites with long virtual addresses.

I use HootSuite’s basic plan for free. This allows me to add up at most 5 of my social profiles. I was able to add my Facebook  and WordPress profile in my HootSuite dashboard. However, I am hoping that HootSuite can include Google+, YouTube,Tumblr, and other popular social media sites for their basic plan users. The integration of these social sites are only available in their paid subscription plans. Wouldn’t it be great if we can get these for free too? I just can’t resist putting a little wishful thinking here.

It is so awesome that HootSuite is web-based. I really like tools that are web-based. I don’t need to install anything in my computer. It saves hard disk space and I can sign in in any computer with Internet connection.

Now it is your time to try. Just follow my tutorial on how to use HootSuite. Happy Social Networking!

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