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How to use PREZI

Prezi: How to use Prezi, Presentation

Prezi: How to use Prezi, Presentation

Prezi is an awesome tool to learn. It is a new presentation platform that combines presenting ideas in a whiteboard and slide presentation as what we normally do in Powerpoint.

What I like about it is it is interactive. Prezi lets you place your ideas into a canvas. You can put all your thoughts into this one vast page. Then here is where you let loose your creativity by illustrating the relationships among your thoughts using scales and placements. You can zoom in to see the tiniest bit of information. And  you can zoom out to see the big picture. This is far different from the multiple slides we  see in Powerpoint presentation.

Another thing I like about Prezi is that it is free to use. You can sign up using your Email or Facebook account and you are ready to go.

So use Prezi and bring your presentations to life!

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use Prezi using Powerpoint.

I also made another version of my tutorial. This time I used Prezi.

So, which presentation is better?

Either way, I hope this find you inspired.

If my Prezi embed did not load properly, you can visit the prezi tutorial in this link:


How to Use Google Docs

When you need to create, store or do collaborative work online, Google Docs is the one you need.

Google Docs is an easy to use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor. If you use Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint) or the Open Office Suite, you will notice similarities of these softwares with Google Docs. In fact, files created from these suites can be uploaded and opened using Google Docs. When you create or upload your document files at Google Docs, they are stored online and linked to your Google or Gmail account. This allows you to access your documents from any computer with Internet access.

Another feature of Google Docs is that you can share your documents with others or even publish your documents for public use. You can also customize your settings to allow others to edit your document. This is very useful  when you work on a document with a team. With Google Docs, you can work collaboratively in real time.

And what is wonderful about Google Docs is that it is FREE to use!

Go ahead and give it a go!

Check out my free step by step tutorial on Google Docs. Thanks for reading and give feedback please.