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Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

This infographic is very informative. It holds every size of images on your favorite social media platform. Now you don’t have to remember or Google search for it. Just remember that it changes a lot. That is how social media is. So it won’t hurt to be always on your toes.

For more awesome infographics and tips on social media, view my virtual assistant board at Pinterest.

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How to Use ShortStack to Create a Facebook Contest

How to Use ShortStack to Create Facebook ContestsWould you like to increase the engagement activity in your Facebook page? You have a marketing strategy and that you would require names and emails of your target customers. Would you like them to give you their information?

Why not run a contest? Stir up a buzz by doing a sweepstakes. Everybody loves free stuffs and winning it by chance makes it even more exciting.  Raffle off a very nice price that they won’t want to miss out on.  This is a great way to promote your page and increase your fan base. You can also do a photo or video contest. Let your fans participate by submitting their own photos or videos; or voting for the photos or videos they like. I am sure this will build a lot of hype and engagement to your page.

Running a Facebook contest, however, is not that simple and straightforward. There is a right or should I say ‘legal’ way of doing so. According to the Facebook Page Terms and Standards, promotions should be run using a third party app. This includes sweepstakes and contests of any form. Using the like button and other features and functionality within Facebook is not allowed in any promotional activity. If you do this, Facebook can delete or remove your page.

So, what is the right way of doing a contest? Use an app. In this tutorial, I show you how to create your own Facebook contest the right way by using an app template available at ShortStack.

ShortStack is a design tool which allows you to create your custom Facebook tabs to suite your promotional needs. It also has a variety of widgets and templates which you can use to run your contest right away.  You can use ShortStack for free if you just need to run a simple sweepstakes contest. However, you need to avail of their paid services for several features like database storage for storing your promotional entries and analytics for monitoring your interactions over time.

Go to my Facebook page to see my sample contest. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this tutorial. Have a great day!

A Virtual Assistant’s Commitment: Learn New Things

Ye hey! I am done with my Virtual Assistant assignments.  I have featured in my blog 10 tools, programs and websites I learned in the course of two months. Two months in front of the computer cutting, pasting, print screening, image cropping, doing Google searches and watching instructional videos in Youtube.


By woodleywonderworks

Thank God for Google, Youtube and everything that is the Internet. The Internet has become my playground of learning in those two months of working on this task.  Jomar was right when he said “Google is your friend.” And so are Youtube and the Internet, in general.

Google searches have become a way of life to most of us who wants to find answers to questions we encounter every day. Same goes for Youtube, where you can watch many instructional videos of anything made in our world. I think almost everything in this world can now be seen in the Internet.

I included.  I can now be seen in the internet.

How so? Through this exercise of creating how to do powerpoints and blogging, I became a part of the Internet. I get to learn, create something from what I learned and share it to the world. And that makes me feel good.

But that doesn’t stop there. Learning should stop when the task is done. I think this should be a mindset of a virtual assistant.

     Never stop learning. Always challenge yourself to learn something new and acquire new skills.

Learning new things engages the mind. It what keeps our brains active and our psychology young.  We develop ourselves through learning. That is how we form our lives. As Jim Rohn said,

programs, tools, and websites

By Pipe

Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.

So, I am going to learn more tools there is. It’s going to be part of my life, to learn tools that can help me in my virtual assistant work in the future. This how I make myself better.

This is my commitment: “To learn at least two new programs, tools, and websites a month.” 

There is so much to learn. That gets me excited! I am moving forward.

What will I learn next?

Follow my blog and share this journey with me.

How to Make Forms Using Google Docs

Do you need information about your products and services right away?  Why not do a survey and ask for your customer’s feedback.  You can use Google Forms. It’s free to use! All you need is a Google or a Gmail account.

Google form is one of the documents you can create using Google Docs. It is an easy way to collect survey information from your contacts or customers.  You can create different types of forms using Google form. You can create survey forms, quizzes and tests for applicants, sign-up and registration sheets and forms which gathers feedback, evaluation and testimonials from your customers or clients. The possibilities are endless.

Once your form is done, it is easy to share with your respondents. Send them via e-mail or a shared link. They just fill up the form in their email or browser and their responses are entered automatically in a spreadsheet you can view and use. How convenient is that?

See my step by step slides below on how to use Google forms. Have fun and enjoy!

How to Use Google Docs

When you need to create, store or do collaborative work online, Google Docs is the one you need.

Google Docs is an easy to use online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor. If you use Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint) or the Open Office Suite, you will notice similarities of these softwares with Google Docs. In fact, files created from these suites can be uploaded and opened using Google Docs. When you create or upload your document files at Google Docs, they are stored online and linked to your Google or Gmail account. This allows you to access your documents from any computer with Internet access.

Another feature of Google Docs is that you can share your documents with others or even publish your documents for public use. You can also customize your settings to allow others to edit your document. This is very useful  when you work on a document with a team. With Google Docs, you can work collaboratively in real time.

And what is wonderful about Google Docs is that it is FREE to use!

Go ahead and give it a go!

Check out my free step by step tutorial on Google Docs. Thanks for reading and give feedback please.

How to set-up and make a phone call using Gmail

There is no more excuse in giving your family, friends, colleagues and even your boss a ring.

Introducing Gmail phone call.

Now you can call a land line or a mobile phone using your Gmail account. You can make local or international calls at minimum rates. For a complete listing of Google call rates, click here.

To make calls, you need to enable the calling features of your Gmail account by installing the voice and video plug-in.  Of course, you will also need a microphone and a headset to make calls.

Here is how to set-up and make a phone call using your Gmail.

Let me know if you find this tutorial useful. Like or send me a feedback.