Online Learning with GROVO

Online Learning with GROVO

Photo by Sarah M Stewart

Today I have discovered an online education and training website called Grovo. It boast of more than a thousands of tutorials of various Internet products like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. The lessons are presented by a series of simple to understand video tutorials. Each lesson is  between 1-2 minutes long. The courses are straight-forward. Once you have completed the basic lessons, you can proceed to a more advance lessons.  You can test what you have learned by taking the quizzes after each lesson. Once you have finish a course, you can also get a certification of  your favorite Internet application. If you want to know more, click on Grovo. Sign up is free and easy using your Facebook account.


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  1. Sarah,

    My name is Rolando. I’m the Evangelist & Community Manager over at Grovo. If there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to reach out.

    I’ve worked as a virtual assistant several times in my life, and would be happy to talk more.

    Thanks for the post!



    • Hi Rolando, Thanks for responding to my blog. I find Grovo useful for a newbie VA like me. By the way I am Ken (not Sarah). I am just acknowledging her, (the owner of the photo I used for this blogpost). I should make that clearer next time. Anyway, thanks for offering assistance. I sure will find you if I have future inquiries on online courses at Grovo. Cheers!


  2. Also, we recently published a post on the History of the Internet. It’s fun:


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